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Ultrasonic plastic welding machine
Ultrasonic plastic welding machine more accurately

CHW 2014-1526 / CHW 1532-1542

Ultrasonic plastic welding machine

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  • Works on spot welding and riveting screw
  • Overload safe device,consistent quality
  • Don’t take much space and easy operation
  • Can work independently or as part of automation unit
  • Finger touch panel design,adjust time,more accurately
  • Easy balance adjustment with high power for large area
Model CHM 2014 CHM 1518 CHM 1522 CHM 1526 CHM 1532 CHM 1542
Frequency 15KHZ 15KHZ 15KHZ 15KHZ 15KHZ 15KHZ
Output Power 1,400W 1,800W 2,200W 2,600W 3,200W 3,600W
Welding area Φ130mm Φ160-200mm Φ160-200mm Φ160-200mm Φ230-260mm Φ230-260mm
Dimensions 410x630x920mm 410x630x920mm 410x630x920mm 410x630x920mm 750x940x1980mm 750x940x1980mm
Weight 130kg 135kg 135kg 135kg 300kg 300kg
Power 220V 1P 220V 1P 220V 1P 220V 1P 220V 3P 220V 3P