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Ultrasonic sewfree / Lace sewing machine
Ultrasonic sewfree machine /Ultrasonic Lace sewing machine

CHR-053 / 076 & CHR-015 / 015B / 015R

Ultrasonic sewfree machine / Lace sewing machine

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  • Rollers can be change according to different requirement.
  • Replaces traditional needle and thread to remove excess problems.
  • Industry leading roller design and treatment process for extended wear.
  • Special roller balance adjustment design for greater accuracy.
  • Allows for long time operation , also raises the quality and productivity.
  • Easy operation and humanitary modern sewing machine design.
Model CHR 015 CHR 015B CHR 015R CHR 053 CHR 076
Frequency 20KHZ 20KHZ 20KHZ 20KHZ 28KHZ
Dimension 550x1200x1020mm 550x1200x1020mm 550x1200x1020mm 550x1200x1020mm 550x1200x1020mm
Speed 0-18m/min 0-18m/min 0-18m/min 0-18m/min 0-18m/min
Work Width 1-13mm 1-13mm  1-13mm 1-48mm 1-73mm
Power 220V 1P 220V 1P 220V 1P 220V 1P 220V 1P